Small Groups Directory

Once you have decided which group is right for you, follow the steps and contact the Small Group Leader.

  • Women

    Description:  GCF Ladies - College age & up.

    When:  Wednesday nights at 6:30

    Frequency:  Weekly

    Where:  GCF Sanctuary

    Contact:  Cyndi Fountain (256) 312-0608

  • men

    Description:  GCF Men - College age & up

    When:  4th Saturday of every month

    Frequency:  Monthly

    Where:  GCF Fellowship Hall/Cafe

    Contact:  Steven Hicks (469) 471-3867

  • married/couples

    Description:  Married/Engaged/Couples

    When:  Saturday's @ 5:00pm beginning May 15th.  

    Frequency:  Bi-weekly

    Where:  In home

    Contact:  Crystal Wain (256) 613-3005

  • singles

    Description:  S.W.A.T. (Singles With A Testimony) College age & up

    When:  1st & 3rd Friday or Saturday

    Frequency:  Bi-weekly

    Where:  In home

    Contact:  Lori Whidby (256) 691-4634

  • students

    Description:  Middle & High School Students

    When:  Wednesday nights @ 6:30

    Frequency:  Weekly

    Where:  GCF

    Contact:  Ethan Finley (256) 613-5164