Off Campus Small Groups

Every group is different and while most of these groups meet off campus there are a few that do meet at the church. Some of these groups only remain open until they are full so feel free to contact the leaders and check availability. There is a group for you!

  • young adult ladies

    Every Other Sunday 6:00PM

    Ladies 18 to 25 this group is for you! Come fellowship with other girls your age and experience a precious time of conversation and devotion focused on your stage of life!

    Led by: Carol Gray

    (256) 490-2741

  • Senior's luncheon fellowship

    every Second monday

    This group is for those who are 55yrs or older. This is a fun group that includes themed lunches (ex. Luau, 50's), lots of laughter and wonderful friendships.
    Led by: Mary Yancey

    (256) 390-1489

  • Widow's small group

    For all those who have been widowed, join together with those who can support and encourage you. Have a time of fellowship and devotion in the GCF cafe. 

    Led by: Brenda Hedrick

    (256) 458-3990

  • Living in freedom every day

    Hosted by Pastor Johnny Johnson, this is an awesome opportunity for men seeking a deeper level of discipleship. This group  meets every Wednesday morning at 9AM!

    Led By: Pastor Johnny Johnson

    (256) 504-6559

  • Youth Discipleship

    This group is an ongoing discipleship class geared for 7th-12th graders! They meet every Sunday morning at 9AM in the Loft!

    Led By: Terry Bohannon

  • Couples

    Couples seeking relationships with other couples, and to delve deeper into the Word of God together- this group is for you! This group meets every other Saturday evening at GCF in Mobile #6. This semester they will be going through the Fireproof curriculum together!

    Led By: Crystal and Jay Wain

    (256) 613-3005