Off Campus Small Groups

Every group is different and while most of these groups meet off campus there are a few that do meet at the church. Some of these groups only remain open until they are full so feel free to contact the leaders and check availability. There is a group for you!

  • Building the family

    It is a child friendly group, but you do not need to have children to attend! It will consist of activities that the whole family can enjoy, while still focusing on building deeper relationships and a biblical devotion.

    Led by: Jeremy and Heather McFarling/Lee and Angela Strahan

  • Project Rescue

    Every tuesday 6:30pm

    You may be new to the Christian walk and hungry to learn more about sharing your faith, or you may be a pro that loves to go out and evangelize! Wherever you are, this group is a vital part of our walk as Christians, and our church as a body! Join us as we go into the community to share the love of Christ every Tuesday night at 6:30pm.

    Led by:Perry Christopher and Ethan Finley

    (256) 613-5164

  • young adult ladies

    every fourth saturday

    Ladies 18 to 25 this group is for you! Come fellowship with other girls your age and experience a precious time of conversation and devotion focused on your stage of life!

    Led by: Carol Gray

    (256) 490-2741

  • Senior's luncheon fellowship

    every Second monday

    This group is for those who are 55yrs or older. This is a fun group that includes themed lunches (ex. Luau, 50's), lots of laughter and wonderful friendships.
    Led by: Mary Walden

    (256) 393-1474

  • Couple's Small Group

    Every sunday 5:00Pm

    Every Sunday evening come out to the Gonzales home for a time of fellowship and devotion. 

    This group is for couples of all ages! Feel free to call for directions and more information!

    (210) 334-8644

  • Widow's small group

    For all those who have been widowed, join together with those who can support and encourage you. Have a time of fellowship and devotion in the GCF cafe. 

    Led by: Brenda Hedrick

    (256) 458-3990