Off Campus Small Groups

Every group is different and while most of these groups meet off campus there are a few that do meet at the church. Some of these groups only remain open until they are full so feel free to contact the leaders and check availability. There is a group for you!

  • Family

    Every sunday 6:30pm

    Focused on building deeper relationships with God and one another, our family small group is a great place to get connected! This group is sure to be full of laughs and fun and will foster an environment conducive for children to be a part of!

    Led by:Jeremy and Heather McFarling


  • young adult ladies

    Every Other Sunday 6:00PM

    Ladies 18 to 25 this group is for you! Come fellowship with other girls your age and experience a precious time of conversation and devotion focused on your stage of life!

    Led by: Carol Gray

    (256) 490-2741

  • Senior's luncheon fellowship

    every Second monday

    This group is for those who are 55yrs or older. This is a fun group that includes themed lunches (ex. Luau, 50's), lots of laughter and wonderful friendships.
    Led by: Mary Yancey

    (256) 390-1489

  • Widow's small group

    For all those who have been widowed, join together with those who can support and encourage you. Have a time of fellowship and devotion in the GCF cafe. 

    Led by: Brenda Hedrick

    (256) 458-3990

  • Living in freedom every day

    Hosted by Pastor Johnny Johnson, this is an awesome opportunity for men seeking a deeper level of discipleship. This group  meets every Wednesday mornings at 9AM!

    Led By: Pastor Johnny Johnson

    (256) 504-6559

  • Youth Discipleship

    This group is an ongoing discipleship class geared for 7th-12th graders! They meet every Sunday morning at 9AM in the Loft!

    Led By: Randy Pentecost

    (256) 919-1741

  • Couples

    Couples seeking relationships with other couples, and to delve deeper into the Word of God together- this group is for you! This group meets every other Saturday evening at GCF in Mobile #6. This semester they will be going through the Fireproof curriculum together!

    Led By: Crystal and Jay Wain

    (256) 613-3005

  • Makers and shakers

    This group is for any ladies that enjoy crafting! They dabble in a little bit of everything from painting to sewing! They meet at various times and locations but always have a wonderful time fellowshipping and creating together!

    Led By: Janice Howard

    (256) 600-3587

  • Ladies

    LADIES!! Whatever your age is, this group is tons of fun! Meeting at various times and places, they get together for a time of fellowship, fun activity, and then dive into the Word together! 

    Led By: Carol Gray

    (256) 490-2741

  • Men in the workplace

    If you are, like most men, trying to balance the responsibilities of work, family and life, this group is for you! Meeting every Tuesday evening at 6PM, they will be going through the book The King's Heart together.

    Led By: Gary Jones